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Circle one of the following:  NEW PLAYER / RE-RATED / RE-VERIFICATION                               

This form is required for all NEW or RE-RATED players being rated by a CERTIFIED GVTL VERIFIER (as listed
on the website); 
or players being RE-VERIFIED which requires a $15 appeal fee.  These players will be placed on the 3H list.
After 6 matches, each player will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee.  A rating change, either up or down, could be  
made, which would take effect immediately.  

Player Name:____________________________  Date:  _____________  GVTL #: __________

Address: ____________________________    E-mail:___________________________________

City: ________________ Zip Code: _________ Phone:  Cell: ___________________

Name of Team: ________________________   Captain's Name: __________________     

Women’s:  Day  ____   Night  _____    Men’s:  Day ____    Night _____        Combo:_____     Mixed: ____ 

NTRP Level: ________ 

Singles Flex_____        55 & Over  ______    65 & Over _____  Tri-Level _____           

Questions 1-7 & Truth Statement for NEW PLAYERS only:

1. How long have you played tennis? (total years) ____  What would you rate yourself?  ____
2. Have you ever played GVTL?  ____  When? _______  What Level?  _______
3. If you participated in GVTL, what was your yearend rating the last time you played?  ______
4. Have you participated in other leagues?  ____  When? _______  What Level?  ________
5. Have you ever played High School, College or Professional Tennis?  ___  Highest?  _______
    A. What years? ____  Name of College  __________ Level - D1, D2, D3, NA1A ____  Position  ____
6.  What other organized competitive sports have you played?  ____________________________
7.  Do you have any physical or medical conditions that would affect your level of play?  ____
     A.  If yes, describe briefly; _______________________________
TRUTH STATEMENT:  I state the information presented is correct.  If it is found that I
have falsified or omitted any pertinent information, it may result in disqualification from the GVTL.
NEW PLAYER Signature:  __________________________________
**Rating:   ____     **_________________________________    
                               GVTL CERTIFIED VERIFIER'S NAME (PLEASE PRINT)                                  
                               GVTL CERTIFIED VERIFIER'S SIGNATURE  
 Mail Check To: Greater Volusia Tennis League                     Call or Text:      386-562-7746
                         P.O. Box 333                                              Email:    
                         DeLeon Springs, Fl.  32130-0333                Website:   
 or Venmo Fees To:  @GVTL-Tennis                      





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