2021 - 2022 Rules
2021 / 2022 Rules 

2021 - 2022 Rules


Greater Volusia Tennis League


  1. All players shall be members of the GVTL and be at least 18 years of age. In the 55 & Over age division, players must turn the required age at any time during the current calendar year.
  2. Facilities for league play shall be located in Volusia or Flagler counties, and shall provide a minimum of two courts (lighted for night play). Facilities must also meet the minimum standard requirements.


  • Restroom available at each location for duration of match play.
  • Water available at each location. If none is available, home team should furnish. If specialty water is preferred individual player should bring their own.
  • Telephone available at each site. If none is available, home team should furnish.
  • Court conditions and lights must be in working order.
  • Any variation from the above should be reported to the GVTL office.
  1. Team Limitation: to field teams, facilities must adhere to the following;

No. Of Courts / No. of Teams
2 courts Facility is limited to 1 Team at same time/day/night slot
4 courts Facility is limited to 2 Teams at same time/day/night slot
6 courts Facility is limited to 4 Teams at same time/day/night slot
8 courts Facility is limited to 5 Teams at same time/day/night slot
10 or more courts Facility is limited to 6 Teams at same time/day/night slot
The signature of the club pro, manager or recreation director is required on all team rosters. This will assure the GVTL office that all the above requirements have been met.

  1. Any facility that is at their limit of teams based on the number of courts at their facility may apply for a special waiver to be able to submit an additional team. Supporting information must be submitted with the application to explain and/or justify the need for the waiver. The Scheduling Committee would issue this waiver after review of the information submitted by the club. The decision would not be given until after the roster deadline to determine the ability to accommodate the request.
  2. A team shall consist of the required number of players (depending on the division), of the same gender eligible to compete at a specific level of competition.
  3. A player is eligible to play or sub on only one team at a specific level of competition within the division.  Example:  A facility has two (2) 3.5 Friday teams playing in the same division.  A player may only play or sub on one of those teams.  


  1. The league shall consist of divisions with levels of play within each division as determined by the GVTL Board.
  2. Team rosters, prepared on the Team Roster form, must be received by the League Coordinator within the time and date designated by the Board.
  3. A $25.00 penalty fee will be assessed to a team or club if a team roster is submitted incorrectly marked for division or level and the mistake requires league office to issue new schedules.
  4. There is no limit to the number of players on a team roster.
  5. Cash will not be accepted as payment for the Team League fee.  Two options are available.  First, personal check, money order, or cashier check made out to the GVTL. Second, Venmo payment sent to: @GVTL-Tennis.  Refunds will only be made if the League is unable to provide play in a particular division/level.
  6. All team rosters must be signed by either the club manager, club pro, or recreation director.
  7. Each roster shall include the type or types of surface at each facility.  At facilities having both surfaces (hard/clay) a courtesy call by the home captain should be made at least 24 hours before play indicating the type of surface to be used for that match.
  8. League office must be notified of additions to team rosters prior to play. Leave player's name on voice mail if office is closed. League fee is due no later than one week from the time the player plays in a team match. Fees not received in the GVTL office within the one-week requirement will result in a penalty in accordance with Rule 9. Failure to respond to notice will result in dismissal of the team.
  9. Additions to team rosters must be made before the last 4 matches scheduled for the current GVTL season (playoffs not included).  If you have been a substitute for that team, then you may add on at any time.  See Rules 7e and 15b.    
  10. Players are eligible to transfer to another roster provided they have not played a match for the roster they're currently on.  Transfers need to be approved through the League office.
  11. Any team that chooses, during the season, to merge players with another team or divide to form another team in that division, will not be eligible for the playoff or awards.
    (Ex: Men’s 3.5 night team decides to merge with another 3.5 night team to form one team; they would not be eligible for the playoffs at the end of the season or for any awards).

  12. New teams being added during the season will be based on availability.  New teams will be required to pay a $30.00 processing fee in addition to the $40.00 individual league fee. Transferring of fees will not be allowed. Any additions to the new team for the remainder of the season will pay $40.00.


  1. Teams must play at the level of the highest rated player.
  2. Players will be required to play at the rated level, as a minimum, issued by the computer or qualified GVTL Verifier.  Players may only play or sub up one level highter than their actual rating.  Ex.  Player rated 2.5 may only play or sub up to a 3.0 team.
  3. New Player: This player has never participated in the Greater Volusia Tennis League.
    Requirement: a qualified GVTL verifier must rate player. A signed verification is required.

  4. If a player desires a higher or lower rating, the information in f and g below will be considered.  A player must submit a written request and player profile sheet which can be found on the website.  A fee is required for rating change consideration.  An Appeals Committee will review all information and issue a rating.
  5. A player who has previously participated in the GVTL, but is not listed on the current Level List for the past two (2) GVTL seasons, will be considered a Re-Rated player and must meet the requirement set forth in 3c above.                                                                                                               
  6. The computer issues the rating based on the following information:
  • Player’s individual rating and match play.
  • Opponents’ ratings and match play.
  • Partner’s individual rating and match play.
  • Match results (2 or 3 sets).
  • Number of matches played.

     g.  A $15 fee is required for anyone Appealing their rating.  

     h.  Every New, Re-Rated or Re-Verified player is subject to a rating review after their first 6            matches of the season.  If the review detects a mis-rating, the rating will be corrected              by the GVTL, which will allow the player to play at their new level or one level higher.



  1. Committee will be appointed by the GVTL President.
  2. Committee will consist of 5 members with a minimum of two tennis professionals.
  3. No more than one board member (pro or player) from any one club will serve at the same time.
  4. Any tennis professional who issued a rating that is being appealed or whose player is appealing, cannot participate as a committee member concerning that particular appeal.
  5. Any board member representing the club(s) of the appealing cannot participate as a committee member concerning that particular appeal.
  6. A majority vote will rule.
  7. The following are some factors to be considered by the committee when acting on an appeal:
    1. Borderline ratings when 8 or less matches have been played.
    2. For 9 or more matches, one result inconsistent with the rest that appears to have bumped the player up will be reviewed.
    3. Injury or debilitating condition.  A written request must be accompanied by an attending physician evaluation of the injury and all other substantiating information. The doctor’s report must include as a minimum: a description of the health problem, history of problem, treatment provided with dates (i.e. surgery, therapy), prognosis, and reason why player’s ability would be limited.
    4. Player is moved more than one rated level by the computer.
    5. Inaccurate information reported or input error.
  8. When a player’s rating is lowered by the Appeals Committee due to a health problem, that player will be limited to the rated level of the new lower rating.  Should the player choose to play on a team at a higher level, at any time during the league season, he or she will lose the lower appeal rating and will be required to play at the higher level only.  No player that has had a rating lowered due to medical reasons may “sub up”.


  1. Player must obtain his/her match results record from the league office for $3.00. Any player wishing to obtain this information may do so, whether they are appealing or not. Anyone appealing due to injury may omit this step.
  2. Player will need to verify all the above data for accuracy. If all the data is accurate, and further attention by the player regarding his/her rating is desired, then the following steps should be followed:
  1. An appeal must be filed in writing prior to the deadline stated when the rating is issued (before player plays first match).
  2. A $15 appeal fee is required to process a rating appeal.
  3. A written statement from the club, facility pro or the player's team captain may be submitted.
  4. Any individual may request an upgrade of his/her current rating.  If the Certified Verifier of the playing facility agrees, he/she may submit the upgrade on a ratings sheet (no more than one full point) to the GVTL administrator prior to their first match.  In the event a player is from a facility without a Certified Verifier, then he/she must ask for a rating review from a Certified Verifier at another facility.  An additional upgrade, if given, cannot be considered for at least two seasons but may be appealed.  There will be a $15.00 fee to the GVTL for this upgrade to defray the expense.


  1. League play for the GVTL will consist of one season. The Singles Flex divisions will play 2 seasons.  The GVTL rules and format will govern play for the entire League season.
  2. All team matches should be played on the day and at the time designated. Any rescheduled matches should be played in accordance with Rule 10, Weather Postponement. All matches must be played on the type of surface designated on the team roster. Both team captains must agree upon any exceptions.
  3. The Coman format must be used for all tie breaks.  The seven point set tie break is used for each set.  The ten point match tie break is used in lieu of the 3rd set.
    In the Coman tiebreak the ends are changed after the first point, then after every four points (i.e., after the 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th points, etc.), and at the conclusion of the tiebreak.  The scoring in the Coman Tiebreak Procedure is the same as a traditional set or match tiebreak, and the procedure for playing the Coman Tiebreak is the same as a set or match tiebreak.  For example, if the Coman Tiebreak Procedure is used when the set score is 6-6, the player whose turn it is to serve shall serve the first point from the deuce court; after the first point, the players shall change ends and the following two points shall be served by the opponent(s) (in doubles, the player of the opposing team due to serve next), starting with the ad court; after this, each player/team shall serve alternately for two consecutive points (starting with the ad court), changing ends after every four points, until the end of the tiebreak game.
  4. Warm up time, which includes service warm up, must be finished no later than 15 minutes past the scheduled start time of the match.  Once a match has started, there is no basis for further practice or warm up.  Courtesy dictates that you not practice your service return when your opponent practices serves. As in the USTA, the time between points is limited to a maximum of 20 seconds.  The time when changing ends is limited to 90 seconds.  There are no breaks after the first game of each set.  The break time between the first and second set is 2 minutes. A 10 minute break is allowed between the second set and the ten point match tie break.  Coaching is ONLY allowed during the 10 minute break.  The home team will provide a minimum of 2 courts at the designated starting time for the match (weather permitting). Failure to provide courts for the designated time may result in a forfeit by the home team; unless all parties agree to play at a time that is not designated on division schedule. The 15-minute default rule will apply. The home team must furnish an unopened can of USTA approved balls designated for the specific surface of play. ALL Court Balls” are NOT acceptable and can NOT be used. Lighted courts must be provided for night play.
  1. If lighted play is interrupted the teams should be prepared to wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, teams are free to leave and reschedule, unless both team captains agree to wait longer. If team captains cannot agree on playing conditions the home team captain and/or the facility management will make the final decision.
  2. Any fees for courts and lights will be paid by the host facility.
  3. If home courts are unplayable due to resurfacing, extreme weather conditions or any other extenuating circumstances, as seen by the host facility, the home court advantage should be changed if possible.  When courts are exchanged, teams must abide by the rules of the facility at which they play.                                                   e. Restroom Break.  A restroom break consists of a reasonable amount of time when there is a genuine need.  When possible, these breaks should be taken during a set break.  If it's not possible, then the break should be taken at an odd game changeover.  Breaks taken at other times should be limited to true emergencies.         f. When the number of matches to be played is greater than the number of courts available, the visiting captain has the right to designate which positions will wait for an available court. The arrival time will be no later than one hour after the original starting time. (Ex: starting time is 7:00 PM. - second round players would arrive no later than 8:00 PM., with default time 8:15 PM., even if courts are not available.)  Home team captain MUST notify by phone the visiting team captain of the court shortage at least 24 hours before match. The visiting team captain must then notify by phone the home captain within 12 hours of the match which position will wait for an available court. This will allow both captains to adjust their lineups. Failure to call may cause forfeit or penalties, unless the entire team arrives at once.  When Captains agree to a staggered starting time, the default rule described in DEFAULTS & FORFEITS #8 will not apply.                                                                                 g. Coaching No coaching allowed except during the 10 minute break before the match tiebreaker.                                                                                                h. Cell Phones.  Player's cell phone and/or smart watches must be in the "vibrate" mode.  Any ring tones are not allowed by the players participating on the match court.  A warning is assessed for the first violationA one point penalty is assessed for the second violation.  A one game penalty is assessed for the third violation of this rule.  A let may be called on the match court if a cell phone rings from another court or from the spectator's area while the ball is in play.            i. Players shall conduct themselves in accordance with The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches published in the Friend At Court.  Remember, many tennis facilities are relinquishing their playing time so that league matches may be played.  j. In matches involving a wheelchair participant, the USTA Rules of Wheelchair Tennis will apply.                                                                                                            k. All GVTL and USTA rules above will govern play, including playoffs. The Board shall act upon any situation occurring during league play not covered in these rules.      l.  Medical Timeout.  Maximum total time is 15 minutes, regardless of the number of conditions treated during the stopage of play.


  1. An entire team shall be present at starting time unless the captains have agreed otherwise. Line-ups should not be exchanged until all players have arrived or default time has occurred.
  2. Each team must have a captain or acting captain present at each match.
  3. Captains exchange written line-ups simultaneously prior to the start of play, preferably using the GVTL official Line Up Form. No changes are allowed after line-ups are exchanged, except for weather postponements. (Rule - 10)
  4. A person shall play in only one position during a match.
  5. All aforementioned rules will apply to play-offs in all GVTL divisions.
  6. All players participating in the match must be eligible and in good standings with the GVTL.  See Penalty section for illegal players.


  1. A team that is short of eligible players for a match may obtain substitutes from a similar rated or lower rated level team at the facility of the team needing a sub.
  1. Substitutions may be obtained from any division from within the facility needing a substitute player. 
  2. A player, once active on any GVTL roster, may sub at their rated level or one level higher on any team from the player's facility not competing within the same division. 
  3. Substitutions for a Combo or Mixed Doubles division may be used from any level of play from that facility, following guidelines outlined in rule 7d.  If a player is only registered on a Combo or Mixed Doubles Team, that player may only sub at their actual rating.
  1. The 55 & Over age division teams may obtain subs provided the sub meets the age and rating level of play required for that division, which is stated in Rule 7-a. 
  2. Combo and Mixed doubles division teams may obtain subs from other teams at the facility providing the combined ratings of the two players is equal to or less than the team's level of play. Individual substitutions must not exceed the maximum rating level required for participation.
  3. Substitute players must play only in the lowest authorized positions, except for Bi-level and Tri-level where a player must substitute at their eligible NTRP level.
  4. Players meeting the substitution requirement may sub 2 times for a specific team during a league season; however, those same players can sub on another team meeting the requirements but will only be eligible to sub 3 times total for that league season.  Example:  The players has subbed 2x on a 3.0 lite team and 1x on a 3.5 lite team.  That player has now used up their eligibility and will have to add on to a team.
  5. Penalty for improper substitution is prescribed in Rule 9.


  1. Default time is defined as 15 minutes after the match is scheduled.  Players arriving late will only have the remaining time to warm up.  For example, match time is 9:30 and player shows up at 9:40, they only have 5 minutes to warm up.  Other players can start the warm up when they are assigned courts.
  2. A player or players who must wait for a court may leave the facility only with the permission of both team captains and must return at a mutually agreed time. Failure to return at the mutually agreed time shall result in a forfeit. There is not a 15-minute grace period.
  3. Teams forfeiting a position must forfeit the highest position(s) offered in that division. Divisions with only one singles division may forfeit singles or the highest doubles position. Tri-Level and Bi-Level divisions will forfeit the appropriate line not available.  When notifying the opposing captain for forfeited positions(s), calling the other captain is mandatory.  Do not text or e-mail.  See Playoff Rule 15c regarding forfeits.    
  4.  When notifying the opposing captain for forfeited position(s), calling the other captain is mandatory.  DO NOT TEXT OR E-MAIL.  See Playoff Rule 15c regarding forfeits.  If captains agree to play matches on different days and/or times, they relinquish the right to earn points under this default rule.  Once a captain (or representative) has notified the opposing team of a forfeit, it stands unless the match is rainedot before the match begins.
  5. Teams will lose all points earned in the match if an ineligible player participates.
  6. Any team that forfeits an entire match (all positions) will be placed on a probationary status for the remainder of the league year.  A letter will be sent to the club facility/Pro as well as the Captain outlining this rule and what will occur if they forfeit another entire match.  If a second entire match forfeit occurs, the team may be subject to be dismissed from the league for the remainder of the league year.  Some points previously won by the team may be awarded back to the respective teams that were played.  This will depend on if an equal number of matches have been played against each team.  Any facility that has a team dismissed from the league or a team drops out of the league may be sanctioned and not be allowed to replace that team for the next season.  In addition, any team forfeiting an entire match during the last 3 weeks of the season may be subject to dismissal and must submit a written statement of explanation to the Board.  


  1. Home Team Captain will be notified, in writing or by phone, when the first violation has occurred for the following penalties. Penalty points will not be assessed for the first violation. Any violations thereafter will result in the following penalty points:
  1. Failure to submit scorecard within 72 hours of the completed match- 10 pts.
  2. Failure to contact League Office on ALL matches to be rescheduled within 48 hours of their scheduled time. – 10 points
  1. Teams playing ineligible players in a team match will lose points earned by the ineligible player and all points in lower positions. Those points will be awarded to the opposing team up to the maximum points allowed for the team match.   Any further occurrence by the team will result in an additional 10 point penalty. An ineligible player is defined as one who is not in good standings with the GVTL and one of the following has occurred:
  1. Failure to inform the league office of player(s) participating in a match who are not registered as GVTL members.
  2. Any team that plays a match with a player that has been added to the roster but has yet to pay the league fee and/or failed to submit the addition to the team roster sheet within one week from the time the player has played, will be considered an inelgible player and the team for which he has played will forfeit all points gained during the team match.  If no points were gained, then 25 points will be deducted from the team’s current standings.
  3. Failure to follow the substitution rules outlined under #7 Substitutions.
  4. A player is found to be playing below their current rated level.
  1. Home team captain fails to contact visiting team captain and league office with dates of rescheduled match within 5 days from the date of the original scheduled match.        Penalty: total points for team match will be awarded to the visiting team.                            
  2. Visiting team captain fails to respond to home team captain’s dates within 3 days from the time the dates were given. Penalty: total points will be awarded to home team.

Captains will not receive a "first time" reminder for any infractions listed in 9b,c,d. Notification will be sent to the team captain stating points have been deducted.


  1. Decisions on weather conditions and/or court conditions for play are the function of the home captain and/or facility management.
  2. If it's raining at the home courts 1 1/2 hours prior to starting time, the home team captain shall contact the opposing team captain and discuss conditions. For example, consider playing later the same day but make sure you coordinate with the facility pro/manager.
  3. Completed individual matches shall stand as played. An incomplete individual match shall stand as played. An incomplete match must be continued by the same players and resumed at the exact point where it was discontinued (set, game, and point.) Any point played is always counted and never replayed.
  4. If possible, all rescheduled matches should be played as a team.
  5. If teams have assembled to play and the beginning of the match is delayed by rain, wet courts, or it rains after match starts, the team should be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes. Teams are free to leave and reschedule, unless both captains agree to wait longer. If captains or the team representative cannot agree on playing conditions, the match must be rescheduled. A player who is not listed on the original scorecard may participate in a match that has not begun. The first serve of the match constitutes the beginning of a match. Once lineups have been exchanged, forfeits must stand.
  6. All divisions playing weekly must play rescheduled matches within three weeks or set it on the scheduled rain date if both captains agree and teams have that date available.  If the second to the last match of the season is rained out, the make-up match must be played within 10 days of the rained out match. If the last match of the season is rained out, the make-up period is 5 days.  Divisions playing bi-weekly must play the match within one month. In any match being rescheduled, the home team captain shall give the visitors two dates on which the match may be played. Only one of the dates that is offered may be a weekend date. No date offered shall be on a “bye” date. Visitors will then choose one of the proposed dates and the match shall either be played or defaulted. These two dates must be within the allowance required. The visiting captain shall have 3 days to respond to the home team captain with their choice.  Refer to Rule 9c and 9d.   Playing time for matches should correspond to division play unless agreed upon by both captains.
  7. When both teams agree to receive zero points for a weather rescheduled match, the match will not be required to be played. Rule 8f would not apply in this situation. In order for either team to receive points, the match must be played, or one team must forfeit match.
    Rule 8f would apply in this situation.
  8. Day Rule:  if the temperature and/or wind chill factor is 45 degrees or less at the home facility one hour prior to match time, the match may be rescheduled unless both captains agree to play. (Suggestion: start later if agreed upon) Please refer to 9a and 9c. 
    Night Rule:  If the temperature and/or wind chill factor is predicted to be 45 degrees or less at the home facility by match time, the match may be rescheduled unless both captains agree to play.  (Suggestion: try and start earlier) Please refer to 9a, 9c and/or 10a. 

      i. Heat Rule:  If the temperature is above 90 degrees at the host facility, players will have           2 minutes on changeovers (usually 90 seconds).  Each doubles team or singles player can           take one (1) five minute break anytime during the first 2 sets, preferably between games.           Also, teams will have a 15 minute (usually 10 minutes) break before a match tiebreaker.


  1. The method of scoring shall be as follows:

    12 points per set - 1st position (Singles and Doubles)
    9 points per set - 2nd position
    8 points per set - 3rd position
  2. Scorecards should be signed by both captains. Your signature verifies the score.  Scores must be entered online within 72 hours of the completed match. When recording the match results on the scorecard link (https://scorecard.gvtl.net/) the opposing captain and players should view and verify the results within 10 days (please refer to Rule 11d(1). If a captain has issues entering scores, text or email the League Office.                                                  
  3. Team standings will be posted on the website. Total points won to date will be listed, as well as total points won during the previous weeks match, in parenthesis. Rainouts and/or byes will also be indicated.  Any discrepancies in the team standings must be reported to the league office within 10 days of the date listed on the team standings sheet.  If no discrepancies are reported the standings will be final.                                                        
  4. The League season will consist of approximately 25 weeks. Each division will play one season, with the exception of the Singles Flex League. Schedules will be published for the entire season and will designate holidays, rain dates and byes as needed. A playoff will be offered to eligible teams. Home courts for playoffs will be determined by standings at the end of the regular season.  The team with the highest seeding will host the match.
  5. In case of a tie, the following criteria will be used to decide the league winner or playoff order:                                                                                                                    1.Head to head matches in current season or session.                                                    2.Total points won during all head to head matches in current season or session.            3.Fewest sets lost during all head to head matches in current season or session.            4.Fewest games lost during all head to head matches in current season or session.              5.If teams are still tied, the League Office will flip a coin to determine first place.                   
  6.  Matches must be played or defaulted.  Teams may not split points for a match not played.


  1. Any team wishing to file a grievance shall do so, via email, to the League Office, within 72 hours of the match.  A copy of the grievance shall be sent to the opposing captain and player or players involved if appropriate. Upon receipt of the grievance, the opposing captain is entitled to respond and shall do so in writing within 72 hours. The Grievance Committee shall not act on any grievance that has not met these requirements.
  2. A fee of $35.00 shall accompany the grievance. If the Board upholds the grievance, the fee will be returned.
  3. If a match is protested at any point, the match shall be played and the grievance procedure employed.
  4. If the above prerequisites are completed, both teams shall have the right to either a written one-page presentation and/or a five-minute oral presentation at the Board meeting at which the grievance is scheduled for discussion. However, the Board meeting shall be a closed meeting except for the five-minute presentation by the protesters.
  5. The Board's decision regarding any grievance shall be by a majority vote of the Board members present and including valid proxies.


  1. A player will have the right to appeal the Board's decision of his/her grievance by submitting a written appeal to the League Office within 24 hours upon notification of grievance decision. The GVTL President will appoint an Appeals Committee to hear the appeal. The Appeals Committee will be made up of 3 people who were not a part of the grievance decision.


All players in the league must be legal. Anyone knowingly playing an ineligible or fictitious player shall be penalized thusly:

  1. Captain will not be in that position for a period of one year.
  2. Player will be removed from team for one year.
  3. Pro will be censured from verifying for one year.

All these penalties will date from time of infraction.

15.   PLAY OFF

  1. Each team in the playoffs will be seeded according to the total points earned in the season. The team with the highest seed will host the match, each round of the playoffs.
  2. A player must play in two (2) matches on the playoff team during the current GVTL season in order to be eligible to participate in the playoff.

    c.  Teams forfeiting a position must forfeit the lowest authorized position offered in that                    division, except for Bi-level and Tri-level where a team would default the line                    appropriate to the NTRP level the team is forfeiting.  When notifying the opposing              captain for the forfeited position, calling the other captain is mandatory.  Do not text or                email.  


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