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2018 / 2019 ratings coming soon - ( One Rating for both Singles and Doubles for 2019 / 2020 Season )

The 2017/18 GVTL ratings are available in two forms 

One to view and one to print
We will not be issuing the Level List Book as we have in the past since the printable form is available online.

Click here for a Brief Explanation Of Ratings

Women's Ratings

To view the Level List click here
For a printable version of the Level List click here This report is several pages.
Men's Ratings
To view the Level List click here
For a printable version of the Level List click here This report is several pages. 

This rating report is based on match play for the 2017/18 league season. 

The report reflects the number of matches played and the minimum level the player must play for the coming league season.

The minus (-) that appears by the computer level rating is a variance of ability within that computer level. The player must play (as a minimum) the level listed by the minus. 

Example: Player has a 4.0 - rating, that player must play 4.0 or higher.

The computer issues the rating based on the following information:

  • Player's individual rating and match play
  • Opponent's individual rating and match play
  • Partner's individual rating and match play
  • Match results (2 or 3 sets) or TB
  • Number of matches played

This report is showing a separate rating in singles and doubles. 

A player may play the level shown for each.  The computer must have a rating for both singles and doubles. 

If only one rating was issued by the verifier the rating was entered for both singles and doubles.

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