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Club Requirements


Any tennis facility with 2 or more courts and meet the minimum requirements listed below may field a team in the GVTL.

Team Limitation:

Due to the difficulty in scheduling multiple teams, the GVTL will limit the amount of teams a facility may field at the same time/day/night slot.

Each team fielded from your facility must furnish the league with 2 courts.

Number of Courts   Number of Teams  
2 courts 1 team
4 courts 2 teams
6 courts 4 teams
8 courts 5 teams
10 or more courts 6 teams


Minimum Standards:

  • Water fountains or water filling stations must be in close proximity to the courts.  Water can be supplied by individuals on the home team.
  • Emergency telephones in close proximity to the courts. A cell phone by a team member is acceptable.
  • Restrooms must be in close proximity to the courts.
  • Facility conditions should have no physical or personal hazards.  This also includes the parking area.
  • Minimum number of courts available for the duration of match play.

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